Content writing constitutes the key part of SEO – Reasons behind this

We all are aware of the fact that SEO begins with good quality content and also ends with the same. In fact, it is so vital that every trustworthy search engine optimization agency doesn’t implement its optimization strategy without any full-proof content strategy. SEO content writing is henceforth the most vital thing that the optimizers should take into account. Read on to know more on it and how it helps SEO.

SEO content writing – What is it?

This means writing good quality content by SEO content writers in a manner that it starts ranking higher for the keywords which are related to the search. The keywords of the article need to be ranked in the title of the article or the blog post and then use them in different places. The content has to be optimized for different search engines and also for humans. Before you decide using content writing for improving your search engine ranks, you should know:

  • What SEO content writing is
  • What kind of content can be published on your website or blog
  • What your content marketing strategy is going to be

Steps you should follow to write SEO content

If you want to write content for SEO, you could follow few steps which can include:

  • Ensure that the actual keyword phrase appears in the title of the blog post or web page.
  • The main keyword and its different parts should be scattered and divided throughout the content of the blog and webpage.
  • All the alternative phrases should be used, which are called LSI keywords. Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI is nothing but related keyword to the main keywords. If you think that you’re over-using the main keywords, you should ensure replacing with LSI keywords.
  • Make sure you utilize the keywords within <h1>, <h2> and <h3> tags so that they’re emphasised more.
  • Utilize the keywords as anchor text while linking other pages and blog posts on the website.

All these are on-site SEO or the technical side of search engine optimization. Only these don’t tell how Google is going to rank some content but they are definitely the building blocks which are required while writing SEO content.

Few things to follow while writing content

  • Do enough research on keywords: Before you begin writing content, ensure having a long list of the best keywords and phrases which you have to use.
  • Write good quality content: Content is still the king of SEO and if your content quality is poor enough, no matter how much effort you put into content marketing, you won’t get results.
  • Incorporate keywords: Incorporate the apt keywords in the right way and place in the best strategic locations.
  • Market your content: You should make sure your target audience is able to receive and check out the content through all the social media channels.

So, before taking the plunge into content marketing campaigns, make sure you know the importance of content and the way you should shape quality content.